Sizzling Spaces

Making Innovation Happen
. Spark Soup
Where Innovation Begins
. Bubbling
New Approaches to Idea Development
. Bargaining with the Future
The Valuation Struggle
. Going Live
Bringing New Ideas to Life
5. Integrated Circuitry
Mechanisms of Innovation Action
6. Rocket Design
Innovating the Organization
7. Making an Apple Pie
Beyond the Organization
In New Ideas About New Ideas, Shira White offers a fresh, lively, and inspiring perspective on innovation. What makes some people and organizations more creative than others? How do they channel their creative impulses into productive projects? How do they sustain their creative edge when resources are scarce?

Drawing from hundreds of interviews with the world’s most creative people (from innovative leaders at companies such as Palm, Corning, AOL, and Progressive Insurance to genius architect Frank Gehry, technology oracle Nathan Myrhvold, performance artist Laurie Anderson, and biotech visionary Henri Termeer, as well as her own extensive experience as an innovation management consultant and artist, White offers many surprising insights.
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