To be successful, you need to emphasize the process of innovation as well as the development of technology. A strong focus on innovation has allowed BMW to be a leader in bringing successful new technology and products to the marketplace.
In New Ideas about New Ideas, Shira White shares the secrets of successful innovators, providing an inspiring insight into the impact of creativity and innovation on business success.

Tom Purves, Chairman & CEO
BMW of North America, LLC


"One word: WOW! If every businessperson read this book, the increase in our
country's productivity would be astonishing. Do it now. Innovation isn't
hard, it just takes practice."

Seth Godin,
author, Permission Marketing;
Survival is Not Enough; 
Editor, Fast Company

"Where do great ideas come from? That has to be the most important question
that future-facing business leaders can ask. The only way to win in
competition is to out-think, out-smart, and out-innovate the competition.
And that means coming up with New Ideas about New Ideas."

Alan M. Webber
Founding Editor, Fast Company

"New Ideas about New Ideas does a wonderful job of blending both left brain and right brain thinking, which is so essential to creative breakthroughs. Shira White is able to bring her uniquely artistic and human touch to an area that is too often treated like scientific process, and in so doing offers fresh perspective on innovation in a corporate environment. This kind of thinking is just what we need in these highly competitive and trying times."
Martin Pazzani
Worldwide Strategy Director
Foote Cone & Belding Worldwide

"A refreshing journey into creativity and innovation, as the author rightly
says, 'the ultimate competitive advantage.' New Ides about New Ideas is a
wonderfully insightful blend of art and business, music and management,
architecture and organization. Definitely fun to read."
Stan Davis, author of Lessons From the Future and BLUR.

You can't schedule it, you can't mandate it, and you're
not going to find it in a safe, tidy package. NEW IDEAS
ABOUT NEW IDEAS is a roadmap to the places where innovation
comes from, with some eloquent insights into how our heads
create the ideas that transform businesses and lives. If you've
ever had creative blue fire shoot from your fingertips, here's
some wherewithal you can use to get it to happen again. Never
had it? Read this and you'll understand more about who has it,
why you need to hire them, and how to help make the magic work.

Rick Levine, co-author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Innovation is the biggest challenge facing Corporate America. Shira White's new book is loaded with helpful concepts that will get your company moving in the right direction.
Al Ries, co-author, "The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding;" “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind”

"New Ideas about New Ideas offers a new lens through which to interpret,
appreciate, and compete in the world around you. If you are searching
for that elusive creative "edge" where the best ideas can be generated, you
can't afford to miss this book."
--Michael Wolff, author, Burn Rate

New Ideas About New Ideas delivers insights about the nature of the creative process across a variety of activities illuminating the rewards of taking risks and demonstrating why and how innovation happens. For all those interested in the mysteries of the creative process, this book is essential reading.
--Milton Glaser

In her book New Ideas About New Ideas, Shira White gives us great analogies that helped me to see the innovation process in a whole new light. She talks about the importance of asking "perfect" questions to drive innovation and gives us an exciting array of intriguing answers. We all need new ideas, always. It's a must read!

Dulce Paredes, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Technology Guidance Research
Kraft Foods

The "spark" that ignites the innovation process is not readily understood by many looking to compete in the new millennium. Shira White's book presents diverse perspectives on the driving forces behind the most creative companies today. It provides a benchmark for those who are attempting to look beyond their horizons for growth.

Michael L. Williams
Manager of Quality and Business Excellence
The Dow Chemical Company

There is no doubt that creativity and innovation are required to propel business forward. Shira White's extremely insightful and very readable book describes the best of creative thinking and innovative pursuits in the world of business today. The need to understand these approaches and learn from successful practitioners is universal in any business climate.
Dr. Carol A. Cooper
Director, Value Management
Bayer Corporation