Why is creativity and innovation even more important than ever?

When times are tough, you need even more creative solutions to get you out of the darkness. You need even more creativity in meeting the challenges, in optimizing resources, in designing strategies, in offering a product or service that people in difficult circumstances will care about.

What is new about New Ideas About New Ideas?

New Ideas About New Ideas is a full of very different approaches to innovation. In it, you will find unique insights into how to think of new ideas, how to develop new concepts, how to execute new plans and how to manage the innovation process. Beyond insights from cutting edge business leaders, the book includes thoughts from some of the world’s foremost artists, architects, composers, photographers and more. It even looks different from other business books.

Who is New Ideas About New Ideas really for? Who should read it?

New Ideas About New Ideas is for anyone from the board room to the mail room, anyone in any industry or organization, anyone who seeks a new level of thinking in their own personal lives. It is about creative ideas, solutions, and approaches - who doesn’t need those?

Can anybody be creative?


What’s the difference between creativity and innovation?

Creativity is a new approach to something. Innovation is creativity that leads to measurable success.

What is SPWI?

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Why might I be interested in SPWI?

You might need help with developing new products, services, strategies or businesses. You might need help raising the level of creativity and innovation success in your organization. You might need new solutions.

How do I contact SPWI and/or the author? Is the author available for speaking engagements?

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