1) New products reaching new markets: Media/Entertainment

One of the top entertainment companies faced a challenge to its cable television network: It was losing audience at an ever-increasing rate. SPWI identified the key drivers behind the decline, developed a new strategy for the network and developed a winning concept and positioning for a new channel that captured the audience leaving the original channel and attracted a whole new market for the company.

2) New innovation strategies and competencies: Information Services/Publishing

A leader in the information services industry was in a vulnerable position with one of its largest subsidiaries: The subsidiary was deriving over 85% of its profits from one flagship product and the company had no innovation competencies in place to develop new products. SPWI developed an innovation strategy, designed a program to build innovation competencies within the organization, installed a proprietary front-end new product development process, worked with teams across the organization to develop their innovation management skills, and helped them to develop over 60 new products for the company.

3) New brand and new product line to retain core customer base: Food Products

A significant shift in consumer preferences caused a rapid decline in market share for the top division of a major food products company. The company developed a new enzyme as a means of product improvement in the hopes of winning back customers. SPWI was initially engaged to develop a new positioning for the product line, incorporating the new benefit attributed to the enzyme. SPWI determined, however, that the benefit designated by the company actually turned consumers off even more than before. SPWI identified two new benefits offered by the enzyme that were extremely attractive to consumers and developed a new positioning and a new brand for the product line. The brand was so successful that it was extended to the company’s other product lines.

4) Turn new technologies into new products: Industrial Products

One of the top 5 chemical companies created a new molecule with a unique set of properties. The company needed help turning the molecule into a marketable product and in building a new business around the product. SPWI identified market opportunities and developed new product concepts for the molecule. Then, SPWI helped the company to decide whether to produce and market the product themselves, to sell or license rights to the new technology, to build and spin off a new business or to partner in a joint venture. Ultimately, SPWI recommended selling the rights and helped the company to identify an optimal buyer.

5) New Venture Development: Manufacturing

The venture capital arm of an well-established investment institution retained SPWI to assist in identifying new venture opportunities and to work with acquisitions and fledgling companies to develop growth strategies, innovation competencies and new products, thereby significantly increasing the success rate of new ventures for the firm.

6) New category and new market: Personal Care Products

Successful products solve problems. In this case, the problem was one of perception and fear. This personal care products company wanted to take advantage of demographic trends and win over a whole new segment of consumers but its products were viewed as being inappropriate for this segment. SPWI helped the company to leverage its existing capabilities by developing a unique product category that addressed the concerns and desires of this rising demographic group. SPWI first developed new products for the professional products business then, propelled by that success, developed a new line of products for the larger consumer products division. Since copied by numerous competitors, this product category continues to grow and broaden its market base.

7) Anticipate and prepare for major market shifts: Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare

Contracted by a leading pharmaceutical company, SPWI TrendWorks identified an emerging trend in healthcare 9 years before it moved into the mainstream. SPWI developed a new strategy, a new corporate positioning and a new direction for product development for this company so that it was able to build strength before competitors were aware of the opportunity.

8) Continuous innovation development: Cosmetics

As with high technology markets, fashion-related markets constantly and quickly change. SPWI helped to keep a high-end cosmetics company abreast on the forefront of their market with Future Studies as well as new product strategy and development for their color cosmetics, skincare, hair care and fine fragrances lines.

9) Aligning technologies and markets: High Technology

Often times, high technology companies develop new technologies well ahead of market demand. SPWI helped this cutting edge company to productize its new technologies to lead the market and SPWI helped the company to pursue new technology development paths based on emerging demand.